Use a Modem to Get Your Hints and Help -- Here's How!

By Robert Lindsley
BBS Representative

If you purchased your computer anytime in the last three years, chances are much better than 50/50 that your computer is equipped with a modem. If you're one of the lucky majority that owns a modem for your computer, you should know about Sierra's ongoing commitment to support for BBS's and the telecommuting community.

At this time, Sierra personnel monitor five national on-line services in an effort to support game players. These personnel scour the boards each day looking for people who need hints on Sierra adventure games, have technical questions, or just want to know something about the author of their favorite games. Many of the Sierra specific questions concern hints for the games. We find most of these are answered by other users of the bulletin board. (Bulletin board users are incredibly helpful to each other.) Technical questions, especially questions regarding Sierra's new efforts on music card support, make up the majority of the other current topics. The national boards currently monitored by Sierra are:

  • Prodigy (PC Club bulletin board)
  • Compuserve (Game Vendors Forum and MIDI Forum)
  • GEnie (Sierra Forum)
  • AppleLink (Sierra Forum)
  • PCLink (Sierra Forum)

Help on Sierra games is not all that you can get from these information services — but if you need help, you can usually find the answers you need on one of them. Because they boards can be accessed from most areas of the US and Canada as a local call, they are an inexpensive and convenient source of answers for your questions. All of these national boards have unique features, including user interfaces that range from power user specific to beginner friendly. Review them all and decide which one is right for you.

In addition to our work on these national systems, Sierra also maintains it's own bulletin board. On this board, users find an automated hint database where they can quickly and easily find the answers to Sierra game puzzles. Users with more complex questions about their Sierra products can access the technical support area of the board. In this section, users can leave technical questions for Sierra Technical Support Representatives. These questions are almost always handled in one business day, and the users will find the answer to their questions posted back on the board. Another area gives current information on what new products are on the way and the latest information on when they will be available. One of the most used sections of the board is an area that lets users downloaded demonstration software for Sierra game products (including the occasional "first glimpse" of a Sierra product that is not yet available.) Recently, device drivers for music cards have also been added for download.

The next time you need to call Sierra for a hint or technical service, and the line seems to be tied up with other callers, remember that your modem is your secret weapon in your quest to get the hints or other information you need. Through Compuserve, Prodigy, GEnie, PCLink, AppleLink, and Sierra's own bulletin board, there's a ready network of Sierra personnel and other gamers eager to lend a hand. It's convenient, painless, and could end up costing you a whole lot less in phone bills.

For more information contact:
Compuserve……………..(800) 848-8199
Prodigy…………………..(800) 822-6922
PCLink……………………(800) 458-8532
GEnie…………………….(800) 638-9636
AppleLink………………..(800) 227-6364

Sierra BBS (modem) (209) 683-4463

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