Thexder Takes U.S. By Storm

Direct from Japan, where game design is treated as an art form, comes Thexder, a computer action game by which all others will soon be judged. Thexder offers more music, animation, and play value than you ever thought possible from an arcade game.

Thexder offers a unique, sophisticated arcade challenge. Players are given the chance to pilot an armored robot through multiple attack scenarios. The battlefields include caves, vast cargo holds, and spaceship interiors. Over 20 different kinds of aliens will do battle with you, and the challenge and music escalates as the game progresses.

In Japan, Thexder is one of the bestselling computer games of all time, with well over one-half million units sold to date! The game design reflects the refinement and maturity of almost two decades of arcade game development and the colorful animation and hypnotic music will seduce even the most jaded computer owner into playing computer action games once again.

Thexder was created for second generation computers with 16-bit processors and advanced animation and sound. The fine detailing of the artwork fully exploits the increased graphics resolution now available, and the music (which is perfectly choreographed to reflect the action during play) takes full advantage of advanced sound capabilities of today's computers.

Here are some of the early reactions to Thexder:

From James Cho, Los Angeles, CA:
"Thexder is the best arcade game on the market today! Thanks for bringing it to the U.S. market."

From Andy Mischenko, Willow, AK:
"The graphics and sound of this game are spectacular"

From Matt Rippen, Aorora, NE:
"Excellent program. Very challenging."


Thexder: If you don't already have it, make sure it's on the list you give to Santa for Christmas! You won't be sorry!

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