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Are you thinking about using your Apple for more than games? Maybe you're considering a word processor or maybe the one have have isn't meeting your present needs. With so many on the market today, which one is right for you and your particular needs. We have compiled a list of questions (with answers) regarding SuperScribe, On-Line's word processor, from a diverse background of word processing users. Those who use SuperScribe and those looking into purchasing SuperScribe or any word procesor should find questions applicable to their use.

Q. Is it compatible with the Epson MX-80 printer?
A. Yes, SuperScribe provides capability to be used with the control commands that the MX-80 uses.
Q. Does SuperScribe support the functions of the Centronics 737 printer like: underlining, proportional print with full justification, subscripts, elongated print and tabs?
A. SuberScribe will work with any printer that uses an intelligent interface and provisions have been made to easily incorporate custom printer drivers.
Q. Will it send upper/lower case to the printer without additional hardware?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it compatible with 80-column boards?
A. Currently, SuperScribe cannot be used with an 80-column board. We will be supporting the Videx in the near future and plan to support most major board soon thereafter.
Q. How does it compare with CP/M system word processors such as Wordstar?
A. SuperScribe requires no additional hardware to run on an Apple computer. Whereas all CP/M word processors require such modifications as a Z80 softcard & 80-column board (not to mention the price difference for the program itself).
Q. Can graphics be outputted on a line plotter, and if so, are there limitations to plotter types?
A. SuberScribe will output to any device that works with a serial or parallel interface card.
Q. In line with CRT display and the proceeding question, is color capability possibile?
A. Yes.
Q. Capabilities such as formstop, lines per page, etc?
A. Yes, these capabilities as well as continue printing, fast/slow print, pause at page end and more.
Q. How does it format text on the screen?
A. Text is displayed on the screen at 40-characters per line. If the last word of the line does not fit, it is brought down to the next line (no hyphenation needed). You are not limited to working with one line at a time; you may work with anything from one character to an entire text file.
Q. How is print formatting accomplished?
A. Report formatting is specified through use of embedded format commands such as: paragraph (.pa), start new page (.np) etc.
Q. Does it handle boldface and square bracket?
A. Yes.
Q. Does SuperScribe chain files for printing?
A. Yes.
Q. Does it have block commands like move, save, and delete?
A. Yes, you can move and delete simultaneously from any portion of the text. Deletion alone can be done up to 255 characters or you can kill one line at a time.
Q. Are files DOS compatible?
A. Yes, SuperScribe works with any standard sequential text or binary file.
Q. If SuperScribe only has a 40 column screen, how are wider documents supported?
A. When your document is printed, it is formatted automatically to the form width specified at print time.
Q. Does SuperScribe have cursor position sensing & movement within the program?
A. Yes.
Q. Presuming that the lower case is done by hi-res screen, does this slow down the program enough to put a constraint on how fast new text may be typed in?
A. Lower case is accomplished through the use of hi-res screen. No, this will not put a constraint on how fast text may be typed in.
Q. Can tabs be set?
A. Yes, SuperScribe offers two flavors of tabbing. One the screen, moving the cursor to a desired location, or tabs can be set for the printed output.
Q. Will the screen adjust when a large insertion is made in a line so that words at the end of a line scroll down to the next line?
A. Yes, again the word at the end of the line(s), if it doesn't fit, will be brought down. Any amount of text may be inserted.
Q. How much text is displayed on the screen at once?
A. A full (screen) page, 20 lines consisting of 40 characters per line.
Q. What is the shift key modification mentioned in the SuperScribe ad?
A. The Apple ][ computer as shipped by Apple has no means by which a program can distinguish between a shifted letter and one which is not. The hardware simply was not designed with upper/lower case capabilities in mind. The "shift key modification" is a fairly standard operation most dealers can perform at a nominal (if any) charge. Basically, all that occurs is that a wire is run from the bottom of the shift key to the game paddle connectors inside your Apple. In no way does this modification affect the operation of your computer or game paddles except while using SuperScribe. SuperScribe does not require this modification and provides an alternative means of obtaining upper case. However, we do recommend it.
Q. How is shifting cases accomplished when the modification is not made?
A. SImply by hitting the escape key, once for the immediate next letter and twice to lock the keys into upper case.
Q. Does it have right justification?
A. Yes. SuperScribe will right justify on any standard printer. If you are using a typewriter for output, it may be different. Please check with us about any problems.
Q. How much text can SuperScribe edit?
A. 60K, 10K in memory without a RAM card, 20 with.
Q. What other special features does SuperScribe have?
A. SuperScribe allows you to replace frequently used words or sentences with just one character to make your typing easier. These can be tabbed and saved to disk for future use. It also has automatic scrolling of text, unlimited formatting, saving of formatted parameters.
Q. Do you offer the semi-standard deal whereby documentation can be purchased separately with credit towards the purchase of the program?
A. Yes, On-Line Systems is making this offer available. Documentation is $10.00, applied toward program purchase, should SuperScribe be purchased within 30 days.
Q. Can backup copies of the disks be made using standard copy programs?
A. SuperScribe is not copyable. A backup copy of SuperScribe can be obtained by sending $5.00 with the product registration card.
Q. Can SuperScribe edit filed created on another word processor like Pie or Applewriter?
A. Yes, SuperScribe will run any standard sequential file created on any other word processor.

NOTE: We are pleased to announce, in version 3.0 of SuperScribe (which should be ready by July 1981), print preview capability. This allows you to see your text, as it will print, without printing. This is done by using a compressed character set giving you a 70 column screen and requires no additional hardware. This 70 column mode will also be available from the editor, simulating the use of an 80 column board. This release will also include proportional spacing.

We hope these questions and answers aid you in your search for the right word processor for you. We recommend that you check with your local dealer about a demonstration. If you have any more questions, please call or write us.

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