Successful Word Search Winners Announced (Issue 4)

Congratulations to the 13 winners of the Mixed-Up Mother Goose Puzzle in the Spring Newsletter. Indeed, Mother Goose was a little mixed-up, as our readers pointed out three mistakes in the puzzle. We apologize, and again, congratulate all the observant contestants out there! A special pat on the back goes out to our three bonus word finders, who found the hidden words "pretty maids". Each one of the following bonus word finders will receive three Sierra games of their choice:

Larry E. Huber, Stockton, CA
Wesley Woodland, Murray, UT
Connie Tessier, Manchester, NH

The other 10 winners are as follows:

Louis Meinecke, Valparaiso, ID
Mele Ortiz, Chicaco, IL
Andre Gregg, Grand Prarie, TX
Norma Caplan, Dayton, OH
Arlene Amodei, Sierraville, CA (no joke!)
David DiBartolomeo, Merrimac, MA
Matthew Lurie, Evanston, IL
M. Dean Hutchison, Provo, UT
Judy Johnson, Shoreview, MN
Matthew Jaska, Kansas City, KS

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