By Bridget McKenna

If you love the action and challenge of role-playing games, imagine fifteen thrilling role-playing scenarios in one sensational game! Sierra On-Line presents Sorcerian, from Nihon Falcom, the most varied role-playing arcade type game yet. Action and Quest combined make Sorcerian the most exciting Japanese import yet. These fifteen seperate games in one give a level of variety never before encountered in role-playing games.


In Sorcerian, players use wits, muscle and magic against a wide spectrum of enemies, from fantastic dragons and monsters to evil sorcerors and wicked thieves. Sorcerian characters grow, and change as they acquire experience, and can move on to new careers that will enable them to bring different abilities into play as they journey through the fifteen different adventures within the game.


Create characters and watch them grow in power and ability as they meet the challenges and brave the perils of the world of Sorcerian. As your characters develop, they will even have the chance to change careers and try new ways of playing.

Match your skills against your opponents in adventures like:

  • The Cursed Oasis, in which the livesaving waters of a desert oasis have been magically polluted by a wicked king…
  • The Dragon of the Dark Marsh, in which a beautiful young girl must be restored to her original form after a dragon transforms here into a monster…
  • The Mystery Jewel, in which all the creatures in a forest are bewitched by the light of an evil red jewel which must be destroyed to restore peace…
  • The Thieves' Tower, where a group of kidnapped townspeople must be rescued from the castle stronghold of a gang of bandits…
  • Medusa's Neck, where the player battles an ancient and evil creature who has turned an entire town to stone…
  • The Lost Talisman, where a magical item that controls nature must be recovered and restored to its rightful owner…

Adjustable ten-speed scrolling, stunning graphics, and an original soundtrack from Japan help to make Sorcerian one of the best gaming experiences around for role-playing gamers of all ages and levels of ability.

7 magic elements combine to form over 120 magic spells to help gamers defeat enemies.

An original musical score adds new dimension to gaming enjoyment.

Game Title: Sorcerian
Sierra Programmer: Gary Butts
Sierra's Japanese to English Translator: Akiko Skjellerup

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