Smart Money - The Comprehensive Financial Manager

Smart Money combines a full range of financial management features with ease of use. Although the program employs the widely used double-entry accounting method, users don't actually have to know anything about accounting to keep perfect track of financial records.

Menus eliminate the necessity for memorizing commands in this easy to learn, easy to use program.

Suitable for both personal and small business accounting, Smart Money supports optional hardware such as Hard Disk and popular RAM cards.

Smart Money tracks assets, liabilities, income and expenses, for up to 200 accounts that calculate net worth.

The program helps construct budget, and measures propjected disbursements against actuals to see how well the user is living up to the budget created. It also prints graphs that compare actual and budgeted amounts with data from the previous year.

Smart Money balances checking and credit card transactions against monthly bank statements. It prints a detailed reconciliation statement, or a brief reconciliation summary.

Smart Money calculates the declining balance on a loan, or projects the future value of an annuity account. It prints amortized schedules for loans, annuities, and saving accounts.

Smart Money performs investment analysis for stocks, commodities, real property, etc.

The program prints a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet, a chart of accounts, a budgets report, an actual vs. budgets report, and a transaction journal.

The program also prints checks, which can be customized with the user's name, address, even company logo.

Smart Money is presently in use in over 15,000 homes and small businesses. Users seem to be very pleased with the program, as evidenced by the very complementary letters received by Sierra, and by the large number of people who tell Customer Service representatives that they purchased the program after a friend's recommendation.

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