Smart Money Enchanced for Apple IIGS

Sierra's complete personal finance product has been adapted to the Apple IIGS. According to Ken Williams, "In converting Smart Money to the Apple IIGS, we wanted to fully utilize the power of that machine. We didn't convert our Apple 2E version but instead completely redesigned the product around the mouse-oriented, dialog box, pull-down menu graphical interface of the 2GS. This is by far the easiest to use version of Smart Money and will become the template for our Macintosh and Windows versions".

Smart Money is an easy and efficient way to manage all personal finances, from simple household budgets to complicated investment analyses.

Smart Money is designed with the power and performance inherent in business accounting products, but tailored for personal use. Not only does it handle monthly bill paying (like most personal financial software packages), but Smart Money is also equipped to easily manage the really difficult tasks, like computing loan payments and long-term investment strategies.

Smart Money is a wise investment for those whose finances have outgrown simple paper and pencil accounting.


Smart Money IIGS will be available in November 1988 with a suggested retail price of $69.95. Upgrades are available for current Apple IIe/IIc Smart Money users for $15.

Send upgrade requests to:

Smart Money Apple Upgrade
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
P.O. Box 485
Coarsegold, CA 93614


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