Smart Money 2.0 IBM Ships!

Smart Money, Sierra's full-featured personal finance manager, has been upgraded to include many new features. Smart Money retails for $69.99.

New features of Smart Money 2.0 include:

  • Reports which utilize selection criteria now show the criteria in the report heading.
  • Report titles are user-definable
  • You may now specify a default filename to be loaded each time you run Smart Money.
  • Added more information to the Transaction Journal.
  • Automatic transactions are now stored in chronological order.
  • When scrolling through transactions, you can skip to the start of a month.
  • Prior year transactions are stored with the actual date.
  • Checks can now be written to screen or file in addition to the printer.
  • The calculator will now store back the value into the current field.
  • Handling of DOS directories has been enhanced.
  • Can now run the balance sheet as of any month.
  • Added additional information to the reconciliation report.
  • The Transaction Journal can now be sorted by account in both alphabetical or chart of accounts sequence.
  • Display options; graphic or text menus; background screen color.
  • Financial calculator now prints balances up to 100 million.
  • The cursor used for selecting a transaction is now a full line.
  • Smart Money data may now be exported for use in Lotus 123 spreadsheets.

To order an upgrade, send $15 to:
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Smart Money Upgrade
P.O. Box 485
Coarsegold, CA 93614


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