Sierra Ships New Titles for IIGS

Apple IIGS owners can look forward to loads of exciting new titles to add to their software library!

Shipping now are King's Quest II, King's Quest III, Space Quest II, and Manhunter: New York, four of SIerra's hit 3-D Animated Adventure games.

King's Quest II is the historical second chapter in the epic King's Quest series. Apple IIGS owners can join the ranks of King's Quest fans worldwide as they become the daring King Graham on a heroic adventure in the land of Kolyma.

King's Quest II features the digitized (and horrifying) screeching of bats, creaking doors, and the terrifying scream of Dracula, just to mention a few.

Original music has been updated and improved to take advantage of the Apple IIGS special sound features. In fact, several of the songs were rewritten and new songs added, such as the robot's theme.

The third installment in the series, King's Quest III is the bestselling game in Sierra's nine year history. An immediate to advanced level challenge, King's Quest III allows you to play the role of Gwydion, a young lad enslaved by the evil wizard Mannanan.

King's Quest III for the Apple IIGS includes many new digitized sound effects and songs specially created for this enhanced version.

Space Quest II is the latest in Sierra's line of 3-D Animated Adventures. Join sanitation engineer turned space hero Roger Wilco as you face the evil scientist Sludge Vohaul and his monkey-suited minions.

The graphics in the Apple IIGS version are as sharp and defined as anything Sierra has ever done. As for sound effects, they are phenomenal! Listen to Vohaul's life support system as digital sound effects give you the full chilling sound of his evil heartbeat. Listen to the whoosh of airlocks, the blast of laser guns and Roger Wilco being zapped electrically, all in super stereo sound!

Manhunter: New York is Sierra's latest and greatest game ever for the IIGS, encompassing 4 3.5" disks! With loads of new sound effects and eerie music, Sierra gamers will be thrilled to hear digitized alien voices, the popping sound of squished heads, and the poinding sound of fists on flesh as they tackle Sierra's most gruesome game ever. Gunshots, explosions, and shattering glass add to the chills as you work the streets of New York as a "private eye" for a hostile race of alien invaders.

Also, look for more great IIGS titles to arrive soon, as Sierra's team of game designers are currently working on IIGS versions of Gold Rush!, King's Quest IV, and Silpheed, to be shipped in the upcoming months. You can count on Sierra to team up with the Apple IIGS for great game software.

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