Sierra Moves SCI to Commodore Amiga

By John Williams


No single animated character has had the reception or the impact of Leisure Suit Larry. Larry is loved by owners of all major home microcomputers, from the Tandy Color Computer to the Macintosh II, but Commodore Amiga people opened their hearts to him in a special way. Despite his many failings, including low resolution world and his somewhat blocky animated body, Leisure Suit Larry was an Amiga best seller.

Now, Sierra has moved its SCI programming platform to the Amiga, and will soon launch Larry into his next adventure in a new and improved format. Amiga owners can look for the new Larry II and all future Sierra Amiga games, to have a cleaner, improved look. Gone are the blocky graphics, the jerky animation and the limited music of early Sierra Amiga products.

SCI, Sierra's Creative Interpreter, is the basis for a whole new line of Sierra to include Leisure SUit Larry Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Police Quest II, King's Quest IV, Space Quest III and other future releases. Its ability to deliver complex graphics, animation, and stereo music to the user, while proccesing a heavy amount of data in the background makes it a "secret weapon" for Sierra's game developers.

Sierra SCI products will debut in May, with both Larry II and Space Quest III due before the end of the month. Look for them at your local retailer.

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