Sierra Mail Bag (Issue 4)

To Sierra,

Hello, I'm just writing to say how much I enjoted your game, King's Quest II. I just recently bought an Apple IIGS with the color RGB Monitor, and an ImageWriterII, (etc.) and, King's Quest II was the first program I bought. (Actually, I got it for my birthday, but hey, I had to pressure my parents to get it for me. Oh I'm now 15.). I solved it not long ago and it truly is a step up from any game I've ever played before. I simply loved every part of it - the great graphics, the animation, the music and sound effects, and the story. The predecessor of my Apple IIGS, (which I think is the best home computer) was an old Apple II+. And I have played Mystery House and Sammy Lightfoot, too. (I didn't realize the same people that made those made King's Quest.) Naturally, I'm delighted to see how much you've improved, and you're definitely leading the rest in this new field of games and programs.

I just thought I'd write to let you know what a great job you're doing. You certainly are the best at this. Instead of getting letters which are complaining about this and that, hopefully this letter will make your day - although, I am sure you get several letters such as this one a day. But, keep up the great work. (I'm working on my parents to buy the other three King's Quests and perhaps, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest and/or Space Quest) and I will continue playing your games. You've got more than one fan out there.


Scott Smith
Columbia, MD

P.S. As you can see, I do love this computer almost as much as I love your games. I hope you like the color, I know I do. The ImageWriterII is a fascinating printer.

Dear Sits,

Enclosed are the 3.5" Apple IIGS disks for Leisure Suit Larry. When the game tried to start, it was unable to and reported: "Disk error #64." After repeated attempts to start the game (with the same disk error message), I called your Customer Support line at 209-683-6858. I explained all the above to the gal who answered the phone. Her answer was to send in the disk and you would check it out and replace it, if necessary.

As you can see from the warranty card enclosed, these are new disks, never before used by me. I am a bit unhappy with the fact that a new product is damaged and the best I can do is send it in for a replacement.


Michael A. Mahaffey
Minot, MD

Editor's Note: We maintain strict quality control in our disk production facility, but sometimes a faulty disk may slip through, or a disk may be damaged after we ship it. In any case, all of our products are covered by a 90-day warranty, which provides for free replacements of damaged or faulty disks.

Dear Sirs,

I bought Leisure Suit Larry a couple of weeks ago and have just managed to solve the game.

I am a relative newcomer to computers, and much newer to computer games, but even without much of a base for comparison, I can tell you that I have enjoyed Larry to the maximum.

I'm not about to pay $7.95 for the hint book to find out what the 19 points are that I missed, but I am dying to know if the pocket lint was really useful.

I hope to see bigger, better, and more adventures with Larry.

Thanks for a great game.

Harley F. Hann
Buhl, ID

Dear Sierra,

Y'all deserve a pat on the back for the outstanding accomplishments on Sierra's BBS. I accesed your BBS, and was overwhelmed by the many things to do with no charge, which is great for us long distance callers. The library was full of information that you can actually download! There is a poll where you can earn extra credits, and the telecommunication line is a blast. We had five other people on one line, and a sysop that was more than helpful.

Keep up the good work Sierra.

David Watkins
Fernandina, FL

Dear Sirs,

If I write you, it's because I've taken the time to congratulate Sierra for its work for Apple IIGS. These games have got three principil qualities: first is originality, second is efficacy, and third is ingenuity. Don't forget humor (I'm thinking about Leisure Suit Larry!).

You are a light of hope for the IIGS, because in France this computer is superior and above all it's capacities are better if I refer to an Amiga or an Atari.

Thanks for your products.

Long live Sierra, long live Apple. Don't forget (even here) there are fans! Good luck!


Dear Sierra,

My sons Brad, Reed, and I really appreciate the time you took to give us a tour of Sierra On-Line last Tuesday.

We anticipate the release of King's Quest IV this fall and if you haven't realized it by now, we are part of the population of your locked-in customers.


David T. Macomber

Editor's Note: If you are ever in the Oakhurst, California area (just south of Yosemite National Park), look us up and stop by for a visit.

Dear Sirs,

Sorry, but I must send this letter of complaint about the latest adventure I completed, Space Quest.

When in the game, I landed and got out to examine the damaged pod. I got the response that the "pod was badly damaged". I went to all four sides of the pod and repeated the question, and got the same answer. So what is the careful adventurer to think, but there is nothing here. How wrong. You must be standing on the front right corner of the pod in order to find the piece of broken glass. I cry "not fair!".

Also, I was stumped for weeks because I simply did not stumble into the Orat's cave. It does not look like a cave from the outside, but looks like the rest of the hunk of rock.

I really enjoyed the adventure, but felt like I could have solved the adventure weeks sooner and without the added expense of a hint book if the obstacles were more reasonable.

Kind regards,

Jim Lawley

Dear Ken and Roberta Williams,

I am probably one of your biggest fans. I have all of the following games made by you: King's Quest (I, II, III), Space Quest I and II, Black Cauldron, Police Quest, Thexdar, Championship Boxing, and Helicopter Simulator. My mom still owes me King's Quest IV for a Hanukkah present. I am dying to get Police Quest II, Manhunter: New York, and Silpheed. I have solved all of the 3-D Animated Adventure Games I have. I hope you go on to King's Quest 1000!

When I started these games, I had no idea how to read and write (I was only four). Now I am the best reader in my class. If you didn't come out with these games, I wouldn't be so good at reading and writing.

I really like fairy tales, so that's why I like the King's Quest series. I like your ideas of other games like Police Quest and Black Cauldron. I like Black Cauldron so much that whenever I go to a video rental store, I ask if they have the Disney movie. Unfortunately, they always say no.

I like the part in King's Quest III when you go into the three bears' garden and Mama Bear is working in the garden and she kicks you all the way to the next scene! In King's Quest II, I like the part when Count Dracula comes out of his coffin. I like the part in Space Quest I when you go into the bar. I like the part in Space Quest II when you swing on the vine like Tarzan.

I hope you can make sports games. I know they would be really good made by you!


David Varet
Riverdale, New York

Dear Jerry,

I greatly enjoyed your newsletter and enjoy the Sierra software. I have played King's Quest and Space Quest for hours and next week I'll be playing Thexdar if my computer store gets it.

Love all your articles. Please congratulate all workers on this newsletter and all other issues.

Gordon Bowie
Greenbrier, AR

P.S. I wish you success on all your IIGS software. My IIGS awaits more software for its special talents.

Dear Sir,

I've been wanting to write you for almost two months about your program "Space Quest, Chapter 1, The Sarien Encounter."

It's great, good, the best, and any other words you want to use.

The graphics are good and humorous.

The overall plot is good.

The story was a challenge to finish, but I was able to finish it without buying a hint book. I think this is very important. So many adventures today have one or two puzzles that are almost impossible to solve. I was stumped a few times in yours, but there was always a solution at hand.

The sound was very good and supported the story line.

The multiple ways to solve problems was great. (I first killed the spider probe by dropping a rock on it. I didn't know about the monster that lived in the cave. Later, when I found out about the monster, I knew I had to repeat that part of the game.)

I think you need to stress the point to "save the game" often. After dying over and over again at various times, I was almost ready to forget the game. But, because other parts of the game were so interesting, I kept going and learned the "save game" lesson the hard way.

I have a problem with Space Quest II. It's down at the store now! It's been there for weeks. I haven't bought it. Could it be as great as Space Quest I? Could a company produce two great hits in a row? (Past experience with computer games says no!) Would I have to break down and buy a hint book? All these questions also apply to Leisure Suit Larry.

Oh well, thanks for a great game, and thanks for supporting the Atari folks.


Robert D. Arrington
New York City, NY

Editor's Note: Other fans have given a "thumbs up" to Space Quest II, because it has been a smash success. Also, watch for Space Quest III and Leisure Suit Larry II.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In 1987, I bought an IBM-compatible PC to write down my examination for a diploma to get the certified engineer. I never wanted to play any fighting games on my PC, because the supid "bum, bum, crash, tudely - piep" make me nervous. Three months ago a friend of mine bought your King's Quest game and I said to my friend "You've seen one video game, you've seen them all!"

Now, after finishing King's QUest I and King's Quest II by myself and - with black shadows under my eyes - finishing Space Quest I in 52 hours and 23 minutes - I say thank you for your 3-D animated adventures!


Holger Jordan

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