Sierra Drawing Contest - Spring 1988

Congratulations are in order for: Sam Mejias of Rio Peidras, Puerto Rico; Jon LaGuardia of Olmsted Falls, OH; and Robert Ryan of Simi Valley, CA.

The Sierra Drawing Contest will continue as long as we keep publishing the newsletter, so keep those submissions coming!

Drawing must be in blank ink (not in pencil or in color) on white, unlined paper. Do not fold drawings. Drawings should relate to one or more Sierra products. All submissions become the property of Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Winning entries will receive the Sierra product of their choice, and be published in the newsletter. Number of winners will depend on the quality of entries.

Send entries to Sierra Drawing Contest, P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614. Please include a separate sheet of paper with your name, age, address, daytime phone number, the name of the product you wish to win, and the computer you have.


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