Sierra BBS Has Space Quest III Demo

By Robert Lindsley
BBS Representative

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon is Sierra's hottest new animated adventure game. If you would like to see the game before you buy it, you can download a demo from the Sierra BBS.

This demo is currently on-line for both the MS-DOS machines and Atari ST series with other machine versions to follow.

If you would like to download the Space Quest III demo:

Access the Sierra Bulletin Board with yoru Hayes Compatible Modem. The phone number is (209) 683-4463.

From the main menu, select 3 (Library of Files). You will then Select a LIB (which stands for Library Information Bank) where our files are stored. The demos for downloading are stored in the following LIBs:

  • MS-DOS, select DEMOS
  • Atari ST, select ATARIST

Select the file you want to download. Type D for download, and you will be prompted to input the filename. The filename for the Space Quest III demo is SQ3DEMO.ARC.

Select the protocal you wish to use. We suggest that you use XMODEM or YMODEM protocol, depending on the baud rate of your modem. Select the download option from your terminal. The data that you receive will be in a compressed format. If you do not already have access ot a file decompression program, yoyu can download one from the Sierra BBS. For MS-DOS, the file decompresion program is UNARC.COM and for the Atari ST it is ARC.TTP. Download it the same way you downloaded the Space Quest III demo. Instructions for UNARC'ing are included with the ARC manager.

Run the INSTALL program and select the type of music card and graphics card (if applicable) you have. You will then be enjoying the demo brought to you by The Two Guys from Andromeda.

We hope you enjoy it.


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