Sierra Announced New 3-D Animated Adventure! Manhunter: New York

Manhunter: New York, a foreboding science fiction epic, is the latest creation by Dave and Barry Murry, the authors of the mega-hit The Ancient Art of War. A dark vision of our planet's future, Manhunter evolves around the life of a detective in New York City two years after an alien invasion and consequent world takeover. The "hero" of the story is contracted by the newly founded alien dictatorship to be an enforcer of alien rule, his job to track down and destroy a ring of human saboteurs and militants out to end the alien siege.

Manhunter is a twist on most contemporary adventure games, allowing players to choose allegiance between good or evil. Opportunities to make critical moral decisions are offered throughout the game, as the player's character develops into either a destructive Manhunter or a supporter of the Human Alliance.

Manhunter's authenticity includes locations that are haunting replications of a post-holocaust Manhattan. Encounters with characters that rank among Sierra's most vile add to the chilling atmosphere of this adventure.

Manhunter adds several innovations to Sierra's acclaimed adventure game system. The main character's viewpoint changes throughout the game, from first person (for one-on-one encounters) to third person perspective as you follow the whereabouts of your computer-assisted tracking device (which does your spying for you). Advanced windowing effects, overviews and close-ups help give Manhunter a movie-like presentation.

Manhunter is being developed initially for MS-DOS machines, with Apple IIGS, Macintosh, and Amiga versions to follow.

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