Retailers Corner: Sierra Software Review

This month is a great month for Sierra fans. Christmas is coming and there are plenty of products to choose from including the King's Quest series (King's Quest I, King's Quest II, King's Quest III), Space Quest series (Space Quest I, Space Quest II), Walt Disney (The Black Cauldron), personal productivity products (Smart Money, HomeWord Plus) and new releases.

One of Sierra's latest releases I have played is Thexder. It is the bestselling arcade type game from Japan. It's doing extremely well here in Texas as well as other parts of the country. What makes Thexder different from most other arcade games is that it only gives you one chance to complete your mission. Rumor has it there could be a sequel to Thexder in the wings. If so, that's somehing to look forward to next year along with King's Quest IV and any other projects they have planned.

The next game I played is Sierra's 3-D Helicopter Simulator. It is a nice change from your standard jet fighter type simulator. You can take a slow flight through the country, fly combat over Ft. Worth's Tandy Center (my personal favorite) or against a friend via modem. I flew Helicopter on a 4 MHz computer and was pleased. However, I do recommend at least an 8 MHz CPU for best results and also to take advantage of Sierra's beautiful graphics. My customers at Radio Shack rated Helicopter the best out of all the flying software to choose from this year.

Additionally, I have had several requests for information on Police Quest and Space Quest II, but all I can say is hopefully next month I'll be able to tell you more about them. I know Sierra is working hard to bring them to us before Christmas. I have also had many customers ask about Smart Money (a financial manager) and their word processor HomeWord Plus. I will be looking at them soon and look forward to telling you about them.

Thank you,
Brian Gray
Radio Shack
Arlington, Texas

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