New Versions of IBM HomeWord and Speller Released

In response to requests from software dealers and consumers, Sierra has just this month released new versions of HomeWord Plus word processor and Speller. The new versions are available in both 5.25" and 3.5" formats, and are compatible with more hard disks than before. The new disks also correct several problems identified in earlier versions of the program.

Current owners of HomeWord Plus may upgrade to the new disks (remember, you can make backups so you needn't be without your program for even one day) and a check for $10.00 (California residents add 6% sales tax), to Sierra.

Current owners of HomeWord (not Plus) may upgrade to the new version of HomeWord Plus by sending any proof of ownership (a page from the manual is recommended, not disks, since we don't want you to be without your program during the 3-4 weeks it will take to process and ship your order) and a check for the upgrade price of $35.00 (California residents add 6% sales tax), to Sierra. The upgrade package you will receive includes a word processor, speller disk, and complete documentation for the program including a new Advanced Features manual. Please specify if you want 3.5" disks.


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