New Shipping Policies Move Orders Faster

New shipping policies instituted at Sierra this fall are helping consumer, dealer and distributor orders all go out faster.

Hint book orders have been streamlined to go out the next day following the order, by First Class U.S. Mail. Formerly, hint books went out only every two or three days, by bulk mail (which takes longer).

Other product orders, shipped UPS Ground (or U.S. mail when P.O. boxes are given instead of street address), have recently been seeing processing times of one to three days. This is improved from one to two weeks, as per the previous processing system.

Of course, shipping time remains the same as before. UPS Ground takes up to one week across the country, as does First Class mail from Coarsegold (we're up in the boonies here). The only way to shorten actual shipping time is to pay the extra surcharge for UPS Priority service, which cuts shipping to two days (in addition to company processing time).

All in all, Sierra is working hard to make software buying as easy and quick as possible.

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