New Products for the IIGS!

Now, in addition to Thexder, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Apple IIGS owners have two more exciting titles to add to their software library!

Shipping now are King's Quest and Police Quest, two Sierra favorites. King's Quest is the historical first chapter in the epic King's Quest series. Apple IIGS owners can join the ranks of King's Quest fans worldwide as they become the daring knight Sir Graham on a heroic adventure in the land of Daventry.

Police Quest is the latest in Sierra's line of 3-D Animated Adventures, and also its most authentic. Based on the true life experiences of a police officer, Police Quest provides players with a realistic experience behind the badge of a street officer. From handing out citations to busting big time drug dealers, adventure gamers will have to follow strict police procedures to successfully fulfill their duties and "win" the game.

Also slated for Spring release is the IIGS version of Mixed-up Mother Goose, Sierra's first 3-D Animated Adventure game for children. Many of the most popular Mother Goose rhymes are represented in this delightful game, and nearly 20 stereo melodies are included.

The graphics in the Apple IIGS versions are as sharp and defined as anything Sierra has ever done. "The graphic animation in Mixed-up Mother Goose is especially fine," says bestselling authoress Roberta Williams.

As for sound effects, they are pronominal! King's Quest programmer Carlos Escobar reports, "When Sir Graham falls into the moat and gets munched by the crocodiles, you hear real crunching noises! And Roberta did a great witch's cackle." Sierra programmers are currently working on IIGS versions of King's Quest II and III, Space Quest II and 3-D Helicoper Simulator to be shipped during 1988. It looks like it's going to be an outstanding year for IIGS Sierra game fans.

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