New 3-D Helicopter Simulator for Mac

By John Williams


Most Mac owners own modems and use them. Unlike MS-DOS users, who buy modems and then let them gather dust, Macintosh owners tend to tie up the phone lines contacting on-line services and bulletin boards. The time is right for a quality entertainment product that lets Mac users play together over the phone lines and Sierra has the product. New 3-D Helicopter Simulator for the Macintosh from Sierra sets its sights on modem-owning Mac owners, with a new "connectivity" feature that lets you install the game, call your friend, and blast his helicopter out of the air in helicopter battles in a number of simulated cities.

Mac programmer John Hardin, creator of Macintosh Helicopter Simulator, has designed a number of playing fields for Macintosh pilots to master, including some that demand two pilot attack missions (Capture the Flag, for instance) and others where precision, synchronized for two helicopters, will be the challenge. His favorite (and the favorite of most around the office) seems to be the battle scenarios over the phone lines. The more non-violent types in the office look at the product as a flight simulator and admire the product for its realistic controls and handling.

3-D Helicopter Simulator is scheduled for shipment in early May. Look for it at your local retailer.

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