Mother Goose a Hit with Kids

Bestselling software authoress Roberta Williams combines her masterful storytelling touch with the classic rhymes of Mother Goose to create the first 3-D animated adventure game for young children.

Mixed-Up Mother Goose is a fascinating, absorbing entertainment program for the home, nursery schools and kindergarten classes. Requiring absolutely no reading skills, Mixed-up Mother Goose provides hours of enjoyment for young children. Characters in the game talk to children with both text messages and pictures, so kids of different ages and abilities can equally enjoy the magic of Mother Goose.

Mixed-up Mother Goose has been made so simple to play that even young children can play. Once you get the program started, a child can take over with very little instruction, because only a few computer keys are necessary to play. In fact, removable direction key stickers are provided for additional ease of use.

Mixed-up Mother Goose transports children to an "adventure in dreamland" where he or she can help Mother Goose by finding missing pieces to some of her most popular rhymes. Like finding the missing sheep and taking them back to Little Bo Peep. Or helping Little Miss Muffet locate her tuffet. Or even finding the pail and returning it to Jack and Jill. Kids can even go on a three-part quest for King Cole.

Once each rhyme is corrected, it comes to life in splendid animation, and the onscreen characters perform the rhyme in its entirety. Each rhyme is accompanied by a charming musical score so that children can sing along.

In Mixed-up Mother Goose, kids can choose from a variety of characters to represent them in the game.

Mother Goose talks to children by name during the game.

Up to 12 children can save their game according to their name, allowing them to come back and pick up where they left off at any time.

Easy-to-use menus make it easy to play the game, save the game, and select options such as joystick control.

Randomly located objects and characters allow children to enjoy Mixed-up Mother Goose countless times, because no two games are alike.

Mixed-up Mother Goose includes a free full color map of Mother Goose Land, with pop-out windows that reveal all the delightful characters from the story.

It's a child's "adventure in a dream" come true.

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