Missile Defense Preview

In this arcade-quality action game, you command the Nation's missile defense center to defend against a foreign missile attack. As missiles drop from the sky, you must shoot them while trying to protect your six cities and three missile bases. An automatically escalated skill level ensures that the better you get, the tougher missile defense gets!

  • Fast machine language High-Res animation and sound!
  • Rapid fire capability - mark and shoot at many targets simultaneously!
  • Works great with keyboard only, paddles or joystick!
  • Separate control over all three missile bases!
  • Bonus cities awarded for high scoring!

WARNING: This game has been known to cause addiction and should be used with extreme caution!!

Missile Defense runs on any 48K Apple II or II Plus, DOS 3.2 or 3.3. Available now for $29.95 on disk from your local computer store or you may order directly from:


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