MIDI Drivers Available for Downloading on Sierra BBS

By Robin Bradley
Customer Service Representative

The Sierra BBS now has information you can download to help make your current sound card or MIDI device work with our new SCI games.

Access the Sierra BBS: (209) 683-4463.

While in the main menu:
Select # 3 for Library of Files.

For downloading software:
Type S for Select Lib.
Then type music.
Next type F for File Directory.

This will show a list of the documentation files and several drivers that will help a particular sound card run a little better.

Let's use PQ2 music.doc as an example. If you havea Cheese Box 1000 synthesizer, you can adjust the instrument sounds to emulate the Roland MT-32.

Once in the file directory:
Select d for download.

You will be asked for a filename.
Type PQ2 music.doc.

The next question is how do you want to download the file. For downloading documentation files, you may want to use ASCII text protocol, but for other demos and drivers, you may want to use X Modem.

For X Modem, press M.
For ASCII, press A.

When you select A (ASCII), you will want to select a text capture on your computer so you can capture all the information we are sending out. You will be given the option to cancel using Control-X. Select the download option from your computer to begin the procedure.

For X Modem, you may select File Capture or Disk Capture. Let's say we select M for download X Modem. The computer will prompt you when it is ready for X Modem download. Select the download option from your computer to begin the procedure.

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