Manhunter: San Fransisco

By Bridget McKenna

**If you're interested in the latest in horrifying thrills, you'll be glad to know that those cuddly, flesh-eating Orbs we all know and love so well from Manhunter: New York have packed it up and headed for the coeast…


If you're Dave, Barry, and Dee Dee Murry, you plan the next one!

Dave and Barry Murry got started designing computer games in 1980. When IBM released its first PC, they developed Sierra Championship Boxing. After the success of their games "The Ancient Art of War" and "The Ancient Art of War at Sea, Ken Williams asked them to do a game using Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter system.


In 1988, Sierra released the first in the horrific Manhunter series, Manhunter: New York, designed by Dave, Barry, and their sister Dee Dee Murry.


"We picked New York for the first game because we wanted a gritty, bleak futuristic landscape and New York seemed to fit well with that. We like the city real well…" - Dave Murry

In Manhunter: New York, players were treated to an alien invasion of The Big Apple by a swarm of ugly alien eyeballs. At the beginning of the game, the player is a manhunter spying for the aliens. Overhead maps of New York and a handy laptop computer aid the manhunter in his search for renegade humans. But sooner or later, a decision must be made. Stay safe as a spy for the invaders, or risk everything by turning against them?


Not content to rest on the dubious accomplishment of invading New York, Dave, Barry, Dee Dee, and co-designer Barbara Ward decided it was time to bring their special brand of fun to a city closer to home… San Fransisco.


"For the sequel, we picked San Fransisco because we wanted it on the west coast, and that city had the most recognizable landmarks. We went down there after we had the story almost done, went to each of the locations and reenacted the game one scene at a time and took pictures to keep it realistic." -Barry Murry

In Manhunter: San Fransisco, the horror is back. It is the year 2004, and San Fransisco is under the rule of the aliens we all know so well from Manhunter: New York. Aided by their all-seeing orbs and the traitorous humans who work for them, the invaders have transformed the magical city by the bay into a dark nightmare of tyranny and death, where unknown creatures stalk the streets.


"One of our goals was to try to push the boundaries of what games have done a little bit, and to surprise the player by trying to do unexpected things. We wanted to have a lot of visual impact. In a few spots, we went for the grossout." -Dee Dee Murry

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