Kings Quest IV Arrives!

By Jerry Albright

Get ready for the most spectacular King's Quest ever, three times larger than any previous Sierra adventure, as King's Quest IV has arrived for MS-DOS based computers. King's Quest IV sets a landmark in computer gaming with a new development system that transcends existing standards of computer graphics, sound and animation.

Powerfully dramatic, King's Quest IV evokes emotion like no other computer game with unique combinations of lifelike animated personalities, beautiful landscapes, and soul-stirring music. Sierra has recreated the universe of King's Quest to build a world that one moment will pull at your heartstrings, the next moment place terror in your heart.

Uniting the best programmers, artists and musicians in the industry, Sierra has refined its legendary 3-D animation system to create a constantly evolving universe where landscapes change from day to night, characters roam freely, and dramatic music interludes tantalize your emotions in a complicated tale of faith and mistrust. The quest begins with a full-length cartoon (approximately 10 minutes playing time) and proceeds to plunge you into a fantasy world of mystery, intrigue and enough plot twists to confound even the most dedicated adventurer.

Embark upon a perilous journey into the darkest corners of the King's Quest universe. Find yourself in the midst of not one, but many different obstacles as you plot a course that will save the royal family from a tragic destiny. With a surprise introduction and an equally unexpected conclusion, plot twists abound as you strive to uncover the mysteries of a strange land, overcome its hostile inhabitants, and reveal the secrets that lie therein.

King's Quest fans and newcomers to animated adventurers will meet and interact with creatures of fantasy, folklore and science fiction. They will explore hundreds of locations, acquire invaluable objects, and discover secret and scary places. Travel the land after dark, and discover areas which remain hidden during daylight hours. But travel swiftly, as time is of the essence, and each moment brings your family ever closer to ruin.

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