King's Quest III Ships for Apple!

King's Quest III for Apple, one of Sierra's most anticipated titles, is ready to ship! Eager King's Quest fans have showered Sierra's mailbox and telephone lines with requests for King's Quest III, and over 20,000 copies have already been placed on order. Now, the wait is over.

At long last King's Quest III has arrived, and you'll find it's definitely been worth the wait! As of this printing, the epic King's Quest III resides on both sides of five disks. This makes King's Quest III the second largest game in computer entertainment history (the largest game ever was The Time Zone, a 12-sided Sierra game also written by Roberta Williams.

King's Quest III is an intermediate to advanced level adventure that transpires some time after the first two games in the series. In this adventure you become Gwydion, a young lad enslaved by the evil wizard Manannan.

With the use of cunning, wit, complex magic spells, and wise use of your time, you must seek to escape the clutches of the evil wizard (one of Sierra's most sinister characters ever!) and discover your true identity.

Travel the high seas, massive mountain peaks and other grand obstacles as the quest unfolds before you. Tackle puzzles and mysteries that will test your best problem solving skills. A grandiose combination of strategy and smarts is required to complete King's Quest III, Sierra's grandest and most complex 3-D animated adventure to date.

King's Quest III will run on any Apple IIe/IIc with 128K memory or better, and it lists at a suggested retail price of $49.95.

Other Sierra games on the way for the Apple II computer series include versions of Mixed-up Mother Goose and Space Quest II, two of Sierra's latest adventures. Both of these bestselling hits are scheduled for release in the second quarter of 1998.

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