July 2011

7/31/2011 Conversion of Issue 5 is now approximately 40%. In this update, I have converted the entire Customer Support Forum section, which is comprised of 5 separate articles and 3 pages of magazine real estate. I am trying out a sub-section approach in the navigation system for these articles, so they will appear as branches of the page "Customer Support Forum" (which is a blank page and is itself a branch off of the main issue article listing).

7/31/2011 Conversion of Issue 5 is now approximately 30%. Articles to look for in this update include Ken William's President's Corner, an article about Police Quest being used as a police training tool, automated hint line announcement, cartoon/drawing contest winners, and a preview of Silpheed. The President's Corner is particularly interesting, as Ken talks about Prodigy and interactive resources, both of which were the precursor's to what we now call the Internet. I have also added issue covers to the Issue Listing for the next five issues. These covers are not clickable and are present only because I needed to test out the second row of the table.

7/31/2011 Streamlined the article navigation system to make it easier to implement changes to the navigation system (which means when a change is made to the navigation system, that change appears on all pages automatically instead of needing to be done one page at a time). Also added a Facebook button to the Sidebar Navigation in the Resources section, which links to the project Facebook page. And lastly, modified the What's New Archive to separate entries by month (so as to keep the What's New box on the front page from growing to a gargantuan size as the archive fills up with entries). Nothing new article-wise at this time. A special welcome to site visitors from SierraGamers, AGD Interactive, Sierra Help Pages, Infamous Adventures, Janitorial Times, Quest for More Glory, and Phoenix Online Studios.

7/30/2011 Conversion of Issue 5 into wiki format is now approximately 15% complete. The update comprises a mere three articles (the credits and two interview articles). The first interview article is with Marke Crowe and Scott Murphy about Space Quest III and was just about 3 pages in length. The second interview article is with Bob Siebenberg about composing the soundtrack for Space Quest III. Lot of good stuff for all you Space Quest fans out there.

7/29/2011 Issue 4 has been completely converted into wiki format. Also integrated the Person Index, which enables visitors to view all articles that are tagged by a individual name (clicking on the name Ken Williams, for example, will bring up a list of all articles that are about, by, or mention Ken Williams).

7/29/2011 Conversion of Issue 4 into wiki format is now approximately 70% complete. This update is comprised of only two articles, one of which is an interview with Roberta Williams, where she discusses King's Quest IV, the future of interactive-fiction and the CDi. It's a great interview and a lot of what she talks about in this interview (which was done in January 1988) actually came to pass… and her thoughts on what ultimately became known as motion capture and FMV are startling, to say the least, especially considering the time of the interview. She was a visionary and this interview proves that. I combined the 3-page interview with a 2-page center-spread of the King's Quest IV Box Art and a 1-page advertisement for King's Quest IV into one entry, totaling a whopping 6-pages of content.

7/28/2011 Conversion of Issue 4 into wiki format is now approximately 50% complete. I have also done some minor tweaking to the navigation system by moving the Links from a tab on the Table of Contents to the left-side navigation bar. These sites represent some of the finest Sierra-centric resources available and it is by no means unintentional that I have such tight content integration with these sites. I have also created a Facebook Page for the project, which when combined with the forums I integrated yesterday, form a foundation for enabling visitors to not only keep in touch with each other, but also to keep up-to-date on the latest Sierra On-Line Interaction changes.

7/27/2011 Conversion of Issue 4 into wiki format is now approximately 30% complete. Notable additions for the day include the President's Corner where Ken Williams discusses bringing orchestral music to computer games and is quite historical (it provides a glimpse into the origin of the revered Roland MT-32 and Sierra's role in making computer game music an integral part of the gaming experience). It's well worth the read. I also wanted to point out that at the bottom of each Issue's front page is a Discuss button (provided your a registered member, of course) which enables you to leave comments and have discussions with other registered members about the contents of the issue. Made some core wiki changes, notably I began implementing cleaner content UI, which affects the bread crumb navigation system as well as the front page and I made some initial changes towards implementing a user-friendly tag browser index (most of which is still in the planning stages).

7/26/2011 Wow! It's been a half a year since the last update. I am sorry for the delay in updates. I had to take some time to deal with pressing life issues (notably, getting a job) and had to put the site on hold until things settled down. Good news is that has happened and I'm back to the conversion process. I have put up what I had done conversion-wise prior to the hiatus to give everyone a taste of Interaction Magazine in it's full-color glory. It's not much, but it is a taste. I have also added a forum to the wiki, which can be accessed from the Menu. Please note that registration is required in order to post. Look for more updates soon.