Inventory Closeout - September/October 1987

Sierra is emptying its warehouse of discontinued products. As long as supplies last, we want to give YOU the chance to purchase these classics, at prices of up to 70% off!

How to use this order form:

Availability of a particular title on any machine is indicated by the appearance of a price in the corresponding grid cell. To order a product, circle the price. If the product is available on more than one medium (D=Disk, RC=Rom Cartridge, CS=Cassette), circle the one you want.

Total up the amount of your order and enclose a check for that amount. No COD orders accepted. Prices include shipping and handling. California residents add 6% sales tax. Fill out the rest of the form, being sure to include your complete mailing address. Stress addresses are preferred for faster shipping, but P.O. box addresses are acceptable.

Mail orders to Sierra Inventory Closeout, P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614.

If an order is unfulfillable due to sold out titles, your check will be returned. If an order is partially fill-able, a refund check will be processed after your products are shipped.


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