HomeWord II for MS-DOS

By John Williams

Users of HomeWord would not readily recognize the HomeWord II program on the screen. The features available in the new HomeWord make it extremely attractive as a word-processing package.

Users of the old HomeWord are used to a series of menu choices that one descends through to get menu selections. HomeWord II has a pull-down menu across the top of the screen, accessed by mouse. Documentation on the features is available on-screen through extensive help screens. There is an on-line tutorial, and a small reference manual for setup, installation, and troubleshooting.

Features include:

  • Cut and Paste capabilities
  • Spellchecker (set it to signal you as you type, or select all or a portion of the document to check when you wish).
  • Thesaurus/Dictionary on-screen
  • Outlining
  • Footnotes
  • Search and Replace (seven combinable functions, such as search only, search and replace, ignore the case, search backwards, replace this occurrence only, replace all occurrences, query first before each replacement).
  • Page Layout including Headers, Footers, Custom Page Numbering, Margins, and Alignments.
  • Graphics integration (integrate graphics from drawing programs into text files or create logos consisting of any combination of text and/or graphics).

Full product price: $69.95

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