Hero's Quest I: So You Want to be a Hero

By Bridget McKenna

The next perview is a game so different that it takes Sierra's development system in a whole new direction.

Hero's Quest game designer Lori Ann Cole came to Sierra from a background ideally suited for game design…

"My background includes animation, theatrical experience, stage directing, stage designing… I think of my game as a play that's taking place on the computer… -Lori Ann Cole

In Hero's Quest I: So You Want to be a Hero, players will find themselves facing challenge after challenge, using wits, muscle and skill to accomplish the quest: Save the land and become a Hero.



A dozen years ago, the barony of Spielberg was a peaceful land of majectic mountains and sleepy valleys, ruled by a brave and respected ruler. Then the ogress Baba Yaga arrived with dark magics and evil curses, and a cloud of gloom fell over Spielberg. The baron's children have disappeared and monsters roam the countryside "… until a hero from the east frees the man from the beast, the beauty from the band, and rids evil from the land…"



"The game has a lot of decision-making, right from the start. Whichever character type you choose, you will play the game differently. The skills that work for a fighter won't necessarily work for a magic user. It calls for different kinds of decision-making." -Lori Ann Cole

For the first time in any Sierra adventure, players will construct a character from the ground up, combining basic attributes of Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma into game characters that gain skills and abilities as the game progreses. Special combat and magic systems, developed specially for Hero's Quest enables players to interact with the game environment as realistically as possible, while over a dozen "quick commands" take the place of typing in complex sentences.



"Your skills increase as you use and practice them, your statistics — your strength, agility, etc. get better as you play" -Lori Ann Cole

You can play Hero's Quest again and again, using your enhanced skills to solve difficult game problems, or create an entirely different kind of character who will approach the problems in a different way.

Can you survive combat with dragons, goblins, brigands, and the great bear who guards the kobalds cave? Can you free the land of Spielberg from its curse and earn the title "Hero"? There's only one way to find out if you've got what it takes, and that's to enter the world of Hero's Quest.

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