Helping Junior Grow Into a Real Computer

By John Williams


After years of productive computing (made possible by Tecmar and other makers of PCjr expansion chassis), users of IBM's orphaned PCjr are beginning to feel left behind. As software gets hungrier for the faster processing speed of today's 12 and 16 MHz 80286 and 80386 machines, and as the minimum memory requirement for more software grows to 512 and 640K, PCjr owners are feeling themselves once again abandoned.

The PCjr, with it's slow 4.77MHz 8086 CPU has trouble with complex processing tasks such as the complex animations of Sierra's new SCI Adventure Games. On a standard PCjr upgraded to 640K, it takes an animated character almost 23 seconds to move across the screen in King's Quest IV. Likewise, loading a spreadsheet of 128K or more gives the PCjr adequate time to make a sandwich and do the ironing.

Now, thanks to the work of Pat Calabria and his company, PC Enterprises, PCjr owners have the opportunity to upgrade their computers with a new processor of amazing speed. Called jrExcellerator, PC Enterprises' new PCjr add-on increases the speed of the PCjr to 9.54 MHz, roughly twice the speed of a PC/XT.

It's a great product that saves time and money, and it's compatible with about every software product we have tested.

We think that the jrExcellerator is a "must have" for PCjr owners that are looking to keep pace with today's more powerful machines.

Contact PC Enterprises, P.O. Box 292, Belmar, NJ 07719 or call them at (800) 922-PCjr.

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