Gold Rush! Sierra's 3-D Animated Historical Simulation

By Jerry Albright

As Sierra makes its home here in the gold country of California, intesive research and hard work went into making Gold Rush! an exciting and historically accurate as the actual events of that era.

Gold Rush! recreates the gold rush of 1849, immersing players into the trials and tribulations of American pioneers that crossed the continental United States in search of wealth and fortune.

Players take on the role of an East coast gentleman in the early 1850's, a time when the west was wild and life was tough on the new frontier. Many trials await the young pioneer, from abandoning their comfortable life in the city to choosing the safest (and quickest) route to take them to the gold country.

"Gold Rush! is designed as an entertainment product. However, in the process of playing the game, you can't help but get a history lesson," states Ken MacNeill, co-designer of Gold Rush!.

In fact, Gold Rush! may be the most enjoyable way to get a history lesson ever as you experience the California gold rush firsthand. Researched for authenticity, Gold Rush! is a simulation that allows you to make all the critical decisions, including the best routes to follow, equipment to take, claims to stake, and much more. Battle the weather, geography, and fate as you take on the chance to relive one of America's most exciting eras.

One of Sierra's grandest efforts ever, Gold Rush! is a full five disk simulation with three completely different voyages to the gold country, each with unique obstacles and perils. States MacNeill, "Having three different ways to play Gold Rush! is a natural byproduct of the history of that era, for there were three common ways to reach California from the East coast. This fascinating feature adds great dimension, diversity, and added gameplay to this adventure." As historically accurate as it is fun to play, Gold Rush! is high adventure that will enrich your understanding of the rugged ife on the American frontier. "While recreating the world of 1848-49, the two things in particular I enjoyed were reading diaries of real 49'ers and making trips to places like Sacramento, Sutter's Fort, Coloma and other towns in the California gold country. I think that after playing Gold Rush!, you will appreciate those experiences too," said Doug MacNeill, the other half of the Gold Rush! design team.

Once the player gets to California, a whole new world of adventure begins. "A great variety of puzzles are to be found in California," states Doug, "that really intensify the gold rush experience. But the greatest, and most exciting challenge of all lies in the search for an elusive fortune in gold hidden somewhere in the fast frontier of California."

There's a motherlode of gold waiting for some lucky adventurer, so head out west with Gold Rush! Great for home or school, this is one adventure that puts old and young alike into the shoes of our forefathers.

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