First Unprotected 3-D Adventure

In a bold experiment by Sierra, Police Quest 1 will be the first 3-D adventure to ship completely un-copyprotected. This will allow users to install on their hard disk, or make backup copies, and not have to return to the original disks even to load the program (previous 3-D adventures have required a key disk during the loading procedure).

Ken Williams explained, "We tried this same kind of thing last year, with Wrath of Denethenor. There seemed to be a lot of people playing it (we were getting lots of players calling Customer Service for hints), but we didn't sell very many. So we figured a lot of people were pirating it, and that the world wasn't mature enough for unprotected game software."

Williams continued, "But Wrath wasn't one of our mainstream products. We wondered if we shouldn't have tried the experiment on one of our 3-D adventure games like Police Quest."

If the Police Quest experiment is a success (translated, that means, if Police Quest sells as well or better than other Sierra games), not only will there be a sequel, but Sierra will probably remove the protection completely from existing and future 3-D adventure games.

"By rights, Police Quest should be at least as big a seller as any of the other adventure games in the line. It's an excellent game, with a very interesting theme." explained Williams.

Williams continued, "If Police Quest doesn't do as well as expected, we can only assume that people are taking advantage of the unprotected disks, so as to pirate them instead of buying them. In that case, it's back to key disks again."

"We're going to let the market decide what we should do about copy protection." Williams concluded, "It's as simple as that."

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