What's New Archive: December 2010

12/29/2010 Conversion of Issue 3 into wiki format is now complete. All pages and articles are present, including the dealer list (which was missing from Issue 2 due to legibility issues). Next up will be Issue 4, which will begin it's conversion after the first of the year. All issues from 4 onward will feature full-color artwork. Table of Contents moved to top of page and mini-covers have replaced the text-only links to the individual issues. Began streamlining some of the code-base to allow easier readability behind-the-scenes.

12/28/2010 Progress on Issue 3's wiki conversion is now at approximately 70%. Of particular note is the entertainment section (drawing contest, comic contest, crossword puzzle, etc) and pictures of Sierra's new building construction. With any luck, Issue 3 will be completed by the end of 2010, so we can start 2011 with a bang by moving on to color-printed issues.

12/27/2010 Progress on the conversion of Issue 3 into wiki format is at approximately 25%. There is a great article by Ken Williams about the Japanese Computer Software Market, a reprinted QuestBusters article about Police Quest 1, and a little article about the dangers of computer viruses (virii)… and yes that last one was written in 1988…. just goes to show how long computers have been at risk from virus infections!

12/25/2010 Happy Holidays to all from Sierra On-Line Interaction!

12/22/2010 Issue 2 has now been completely converted into wiki format. All pages and articles are present, with only one section missing, which is the dealer list. This is due to the page being entirely too fuzzy to make out in the source PDF file. Rather than putting up a too-fuzzy and illegible picture (or try to make headway in trying to figure out the individual dealer listings), it's better to leave this page out. Happy Holidays!

12/21/2010 Progress on the conversion of Issue 2 into wiki format is now at approximately 50%. Of particular note is the inclusion of the Entertainment section of the newsletter, which is comprised of a word search and crossword puzzle. The rebate coupons that are towards the back of the newsletter have been placed in this section (no sense in making a specific wiki page just for the coupons!). Also of particular note is the inclusion of the Letter from the President, which easily took up two and a half pages of print real estate.

12/20/2010 Progress on Issue 2 is coming alone rather nicely. Currently, the wiki has approximately 25% of Issue 2 converted into wiki format. With any luck, the entire issue will be converted before Christmas.

12/19/2010 Sierra On-Line Interaction launches with the entire first issue up for viewing. Please note this wiki is currently under construction and I have many things in the planning stages. Keep checking back to see what's new.