Crossword Winners Announced - Spring 1988

Congratulations to the 11 winners of the Sierra Crossword in the December newsletter. (There were supposed to be only 10 winners, but the 10th and 11th correct entries arrived on the same day, so we declared a tie).

The winners are as follows:

Michael Ashcroft, Auborn, CA
Lois M. Bluhm, Hampton, VA
Barry Ergang, Rosemont, PA
George Fidmar, Crest Hill, LA
S.L. Johnson, St. Joseph, MI
Matthew Lanaro, Monroe, NY
Bryan Midgett, Angler, NC
George G. Mills Jr., O'Fallon, IL
Edward S. Pirie, Las Vegas, NV
J.H. Wicker, Library, PA
Dan Zebrowski, Sussex, NJ

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