Cranston Manor Preview


ON THE COVER … artist Duke Haubelt's rendition of CRANSTON MANOR, On-Line System's most recent addition to a line of great adventure games for the Apple.

Cranston Manor is an adventure game set in contemporary times in Coaresegold, California.

It seems that old man Cranston was not exactly your run-of-the-mill type millionaire. Exactly how he made his fortune is unknown (it appears he wasn't a man known for either scruples or morals). Before his untimely death, he had amassed an uncalculated fortune in jewels, gold, and various other rare and expensive items. Cranston was aware of the fact he was dying. He had lived a life of excessive luxary, pleasure and sin, and knew that soon he would end up "paying the piper"! Being a greedy and covetous old man, he figured that if he couldn't take it with him, no one would take it when he was gone. He his his treasure throughout the mansion and property encompassing it.

Old man Cranston is now the "late" old man Cranston. Rumour has it that his disembodied spirit roams the estate guarding the hidden riches. You are placed in the deserted town of Coarsegold (smothered by Cranston's greed and plotting) and it is your goal to find the treasure so that the town may once again become the center of life for the thousands who once lived there. It won't be easy, and it won't be without it's terrifying risks!

Cranston Manor has over 200 pictures in living Hi-Res Color and is sure to bring you and yours many hours of fun and adventure. Harold DeWitz, the author of Cranston Manor, has worked long and hard to make his game meet the quality standards of On-Line Systems so that you enjoy Hi-Res adventure at it's best. To get started on this new adventure, check with your local computer store or simply use the enclosed order form … and watch out for the spirits of evil old men!

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