Compute! Book Tells the Complete Story of King's Quest Series

COMPUTE! Books, a book publishing division of entertainment conglomerate ABC, has just put the finishing wraps on "The Official Book of King's Quest", a revealing and authoratative volume on the bestselling series of 3-D Animated Adventures.


According to Steve Levy, editor at COMPUTE!, "The Official Book of King's Quest" offers an in-depth look at the popular game, its makers, and the secrets behind its design. It will contain clues to puzzles in each of the King's Quest games, and reveal never-before design secrets on how the graphics and animation of the game were developed.

Among the most interesting sections of "The Official Book of King's Quest" explains how users can get at the top secret "Author's Tools" that Sierra employees have long used to move around at will in each of the Sierra adventure games. By accessing these tools, the reader will have powers in Sierra adventures that are nearly invincible.

Another popular section will likely be the detailed "pre-release" look at King's Quest IV. Besides offering the first inside look at the new game technology of Sierra's SCI Development System, the book will be the first on the market to offer game hints on King's Quest IV. Sierra's King's Quest IV Hint Book, which will be held from the public until the completion of the "Master Adventurers Contest", is not scheduled for release until after Christmas.

According to author Donald B. Trivette, "The Official Book of King's Quest" is the end result of over four years of writing about the King's Quest series. "From the first time I wrote about King's Quest in 1984 (Don was the editor of the IBM section of COMPUTE! Magazine), I have received a steady stream of letters about the product. The Official Book of King's Quest highlights al the things I really like about the King's Quest games, from both a storytelling and a programming standpoint."

"The Official Book of King's Quest" is now available at most major bookstores and better computer and software stores. You can also order the book directly from Sierra by using the order form on page 30 of this newsletter.

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