Codename: ICEMAN

By Bridget McKenna

From the safety of your living room, Sierra takes you under the ocean for the ride of your life…



Where in the world do you go to find new horizons when you're the author of two of the most exciting and realistic graphic adventures ever written?

If you're Jim Walls, designer of Police Quest and Police Quest 2, you go out of this world to an intriguing and sometimes chilling near-future of political terror and high-tech escapades. In Codename: ICEMAN, Jim has combined the best of the intrigue genre with the newest in simulation technology to create a new kind of computer entertainment.

"I wanted to see if I could do something completely different… something besides a police game… so I came up with this story about a secret submarine mission to recover a kidnapped ambassador…" -Jim Walls


Codename: ICEMAN takes you from the beaches of Tahiti to the halls of the Pentagon and beyond, as secret agent Johnny Westland attempts to crack the deadly security of a terrorist base and rescue a hostage ambasador in the most critical assignment of his career.


Using a nuclear-powered attack submarine, a one-man diving vehicle and scuba gear, Westland must penetrate the electronic harbor surveillance of a hostile Middle-Eastern nation to reach his goal — a nest of fanatical terrorists armed with advanced weaponry.


"It was hard for me, because it was out of my realm of experience. I had to do a lot of research… I talked to people who had served on nuclear submarines, and did a lot of my own research besides, and I got a lot of information from the Navy…" -Jim Walls


Codename: ICEMAN includes a state-of-the-art submarine navigation simulation to give the player a sense of total control as Johnny Westland navigates the Atlantic and prepares to penetrate the harbor bristling with deadly security devices.


"There are a lot of layers to this… layers of political intrigue… a global oil shortage, a middle-eastern country with a surplus of high-grade oil, superpowers each trying to get as much of it as they can… Ther terrorists kidnap a U.S. ambassador, hoping to provoke an incident with the United States." -Jim Walls

A hostile nation holds the life of an innocent man in their grasp. A waiting world listens for word of war. A nuclear attack sub runs silently eastward for a rescue operation, or a rendezvous with death.

One man can make the difference — Codename: ICEMAN.

Game Name: Codename: ICEMAN
Designer: Jim Walls
Programmers: Pablo Ghenis, Mark Hood, Doug Oldfield
Artists: Jim Larsen, Cheri Loyd

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