Calling Sierra

When you call Sierra, you now have a choice of two numbers. If you want Customer Service, or you would like to place an order, please call the same number you've been calling for years. This is the number printed on all Sierra products: (209) 683-6858.

If you want to speak to any of the many other people who work at Sierra (Administration, Credit, Marketing, Purchasing, Operations, etc.), you may call the new Sierra Administration number: (209) 683-4468.

We caused the regular number to come directly into Customer Service because the vast majority of calls to Sierra every day were for that department. So now, calls will be able to speak immediately to a Customer Service Rep, and no one will get put on hold at the operator because all lines in the department are busy (now, when all the reps are busy, callers get a busy signal).

If you forget and call the old number when you really want the new one, Sierra's Customer Service staff will be happy to give you the new number. However, they cannot transfer calls, so you will have to redial.

So, write the number down, if you think you'll need it. Be talking to you!

Customer Service: (209) 683-6858
Sierra Administration: (209) 683-4468


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