Are You a Hot Shot

Are you a really hot gamester? If you have a really unbelievable score on Thexder, send us a photograph (either black and white or color) of the screen. We'll publish the best scores, giving you the recognition you deserve for being a real arcade stud.

Photo tips: turn off the flash, turn up the contrast and brightness, use high-speed film, and be prepared for a long exposure. Suggestion: use a camera that spits out your finished picture immediately (like a Polaroid). That way you won't have to leave your computer on for three days while you wait for your film to come back from the developer's.

For every top score we print in the newsletter, we'll send you a free Sierra game!

Print your name, address, your computer type, and the game you want to win, on the back of the photo. Enclose with cardboard or similar, to ensure the photo will not get bent. Send to Thexder Hi-Score, Sierra On-Line, P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614. All photos submitted become the property of Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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